Mosaic World

From today Camelot Europe migrates to Mosaic World with the vision ‘Reshaping Urban Living together’.


Mosaic World introduces the following brands:


Plaza Resident Services

Plaza Resident Services offers starters, newcomers and students in European cities small-scale living spaces with their own facilities and shared community spaces. An associated service-oriented service in a safe, inspiring community is the starting point.



Monoma is temporary living 2.0, via loan or temporary licence, and offers people who opt for a modern nomadic lifestyle temporary housing in unconventional unused real estate that gives the urban environment a powerful, creative impulse.



Platform makes the search for suitable housing fun and transparent with an up-to-date overview of available living, working, parking and storage spaces for the short or longer term in a dynamic community.


WatchTower Security Solutions

WatchTower Security Solutions provides temporary security and surveillance for buildings, construction sites and outdoor areas.