Camelot Europe

Camelot Europe is a leader in vacancy management, property management, property development and security. We offer solutions for all your real estate, whether it is completely empty or has residents or businesses. From property protection camera surveillance such as the WatchTower to the placement of temporary occupants or users. Regardless of the duration of the vacancy, there is always a solution. We are also happy to take the technical and administrative management off your hands. Camelot is a specialist in the management, security and development of vacant commercial and residential property.


Our services include:


  • Premises Security
  • Placement of temporary occupants
  • Administrative and financial management
  • Energy management
  • Technical management
  • Property development


With twenty-five years of experience in vacant property management, Camelot offers you as an owner a total solution for your property. From anti-squatting and rental under the Vacancy Law to security, property development and property transformation. We have thousands of clients spread across seven European countries. For each of them we offer a good and appropriate solution where quality, service and professionalism are paramount.


Why choose Camelot?


  • More than twenty years of experience in vacancy management
  • A dedicated team of experts who are happy to advise you
  • 5 offices throughout the Netherlands
  • Good value for money for our services
  • Possesses certifications to ensure quality


With our extensive range of services, we take a lot of work off our clients’ hands and ensure that your property retains its value.

For more information please feel free to contact us.